‘Super 30’ is all set to release on Friday, 12th of July 2019 and the entire nation is going mad over it already. Education has been India’s heart and soul for ages, so it’s completely understandable that ‘hindustani janta’ is eagerly waiting for the Biopic to release on the Big Screen soon.
1. For The Love Of Anand Kumar
Of course, it has to, has to be the major and foremost reason to watch this ‘Epic-Biopic’. Anand Kumar has given his sweat and blood to the IITs for quite some time now. His journey is motivational and inspiring.
2. For The Love Of Hrithik Roshan
There’s no way you can miss HR playing his magic on Big Screen and movies like ‘Krrish’ and ‘Agneepath’ are a solid proof of that. Whether be the small screen or big screen, this man knows how to make people fall in love with his vivid emotions and great acting skills, and how!
3. To Know All About Anand Kumar’s Super 30 And Know It Well
There have been numerous legends from India and there’s no comparing one to the other, but there’s something about this man that just goes beyond understanding. The love and respect you feel for the man that he is, is unexplainable and I’m sure so many of you will resonate with this point. Won’t you?
4. Because It’s Vikas Bahl Movie
So, for most of you, Vikas Bahl could or could not be a big name, just know this man has got brains and movie sense too. What I have personally felt is he has gotten better with every movie that he is directed and I’m sure Super 30 will not be an outcast, either (Kindly remember ‘Chillar Party’ and ‘Queen’. Enough said, already)!
5. Because A B-Town Movie Is Soulless Without Good Music
It’s just not happening, a biopic or not, a B’wood movie is just incomplete without the soul-stirring songs, to say the least.

Super 30 has all the masala you need as an audience. I am sure, I have listed reasons enough for you to watch this movie. Do you need more? I’m positive you don’t.

You can watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/QpvEWVVnICE

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