‘BATLA HOUSE’ Film Review: Brilliant Plot & Top-Notch Performances ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2


It’s been more than a year where all the so-called big-budget and mega-starrer have movies have bombed at Box-Office, and the small budget, good script movie have ruled the roost. Trade Pundits suggest that most of the blockbuster movies failing are due to piracy and web streaming platforms. The bottom line is, Indian audience, wants something different; they want a good script, good direction and most importantly, the movie to be convincing.

Batla House the film is inspired by the controversial encounter operation which took place in Delhi in 2008, that raised questions across India. Was it a cover-up or a real victory for the Delhi police? Eleven years later, the truth is revealed in the real story behind the ‘Batla House encounter’. Batla House is a true story of a soldier, a police officer, a patriot but most importantly it is the story of a dedicated husband and an honest officer (played by John Abraham).

The two shades of the character, one who feels guilty of killing the boy and the other in which he is sure that encounter was the right thing to do in the given circumstance, is done perfectly by John Abraham. There are scenes where he speaks one thing and his body language suggesting other, is an absolute treat to watch. This is where the film delivers the punch. It is indeed sad to note the hypocrisy in our society and political system where we feel answerable to everyone and we have to hang on to our status quo. Well, this movie delivers a punch seldom felt when seeing a movie. It brings a lump to our throat when we witness the plight of Sanjeev Kumar trying in vain to fight out the truth. John Abraham as the harried police officer is simply outstanding. His portrayal as an IPS is really going to fetch him laurels. This movie has a brilliant supporting cast and they have done a sterling job. Please forgive the songs which crop up, but then the director must have felt it necessary to do that. Alok Pandey is mind-blowing who plays the role of Tufail, a misguided youth. The interrogation scene between him and John is the highlight of this film. Mrunal Thakur is confident as she merges with her character beautifully. Rajesh Sharma is convincing and delivers a top-notch performance. He is shown to be a cynic and how!

Nikkhil Advani did a great job. We should also credit him for the conviction and treatment of the subject. Cinematography is a bit shoddy. Editing bench hasn’t done that great job either. Dialogues are very good. Songs are absolute waste that the only time I got a bit of time to check my mobile notifications. This Movie should have better left off without the song. Background score is also not that good.

But, it’s the brilliant script and performance of John Abraham, that makes this movie an absolute gem.

My hearty congratulations to the director for having a conviction for his subject and having the guts to come out with it on the silver screen. See it, folks. It is very rare that you see an ace director pull at your heartstrings with all the deftness of a skillful puppeteer. Yes, he is that good.

After a long time, comes a movie which makes you think. And for a Hindi movie to induce you to do that is a fulfilling job indeed. Batla House does this and much more. Please do not dismiss this as just another encounter movie. It is totally different from the run of the mill stuff. I thoroughly recommend this movie to those in search of some meaningful cinema. Believe me, you will not regret it.

Star: ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2

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