Camila Morrone on the fascination surrounding her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio: I would be curious too


Camila Morrone, who has a 23-year age gap with her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio, shared in an interview that she understands the curiosity surrounding their relationship as she too would be fascinated by it. Read below to know more about what Camila had to share on the same. Leonardo DiCaprio has always been in the spotlight for his relationships. Since December 2017, the actor has been dating Camila Morrone, who is a model turned actress. Her latest outing is Mickey and the Bear, for which, Camila has been receiving rave reviews. But the actress is still in the headlines prominently for her relationship with Leonardo. Haters theorize that Morrone is getting all the spotlight only because the 22-year-old model is dating the 45-year-old actor. Then, there’s also the 23-year age gap that will never leave the couple! Camila also added that she understands why the public is curious about her and Leo saying that she would be curious too. Talking about her film Mickey and the Bear, Morrone is positive that as more and more people watch the movie, the more she’s getting an identity outside of her relationship. “Which is frustrating, because I feel like there should always be an identity besides who you’re dating,” the model added.

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