Man tries killing himself on the set of Christopher Nolan’s film Tenet in Mumbai


The crew of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, which is being shot in Mumbai these days, saved a man who tried to kill himself by jumping into the sea in front of the Taj Hotel. Nolan was shooting near the Gateway of India along with his crew when they rescued the man.

a group of people posing for the camera: Robert Pattinson was shooting in South Bombay yesterday. Dimple Kapadia was also spotted on the set.

Robert Pattinson was shooting in South Bombay yesterday. Dimple Kapadia was also spotted on the set.

On Monday, the crew of Tenet shot at the Colaba Causeway market. After packing up in the market, they shifted to the Royal Bombay Yacht Club. The crew finished their work by afternoon and were packing up to prepare for the evening shoot. They had around 40 boats arranged near the Gateway of India for the evening shoot. They saw a man jumping into the water opposite the Taj Hotel. The lifeguards immediately dived to save the man but were not able to get hold of him. Then the crew helped lifeguards catch the man with the help of ropes.

A witness present at the scene spoke to an entertainment website and said, “The lifeguards were unable to get hold of the man but thanks to the set design of the movie [Tenet], they were able to use the ropes to tie the man and rescue him. The police immediately picked him up and took him in their truck. A sympathetic crew member checked with his team to ensure that the man was alright.”

The team of Tenet, including director Christopher Nolan and actor Robert Pattinson, landed in Mumbai on September 14. The popular actor and director were spotted at the Mumbai airport clicking selfies with fans. According to reports, the team of Tenet has a 10-day shooting schedule in Mumbai.

Tenet is produced by Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas. The film also stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clemence Poesy, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, Dimple Kapadia and Himesh Patel.

Earlier, Dimple Kapadia’s look from Tenet was leaked. The actress was spotted on the set of the film. Photos of the veteran actress with the Academy Award-nominated director from the set of the film in Estonia went viral. In the pictures, Dimple is seen having a conversation with Nolan.

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