‘Mann Ki Baat’: PM Modi Lauds India’s Women Empowerment Journey


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 110th episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Sunday, focusing on the remarkable progress made by women in various spheres of society. Emphasizing the theme of women empowerment, PM Modi celebrated the achievements of Indian women, highlighting their increasing participation in diverse fields, including technology and wildlife conservation.

Reflecting on the evolving landscape of gender equality, PM Modi expressed pride in the fact that women, including those residing in rural areas, are now actively engaged in cutting-edge activities such as flying drones. He remarked, “Today, there is so much discussion about ‘drone didi’…”, underscoring the transformative role of women in traditionally male-dominated domains.

Furthermore, PM Modi shed light on the significance of wildlife conservation, citing the upcoming World Wildlife Day and the digital innovations driving conservation efforts. He lauded the government’s initiatives that have led to an increase in the tiger population, particularly in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur Tiger Reserve.

Highlighting technological advancements in wildlife monitoring, PM Modi mentioned the development of apps like ‘Bagheera’ and ‘Garuda,’ which enable efficient tracking and monitoring of wildlife activities during jungle safaris. He also commended the collaborative efforts in Uttarakhand that have resulted in the creation of drones aiding in alligator tracking in the Ken River.

In addition to wildlife conservation, PM Modi addressed the importance of livestock rearing, stressing the need to recognize the significance of goats as an essential livestock asset. He cited examples from Odisha’s Kalahandi district, where goat rearing has emerged as a major source of livelihood for villagers.

Amidst these discussions, PM Modi announced that ‘Mann Ki Baat’ will not be broadcast for the next three months in light of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. However, he encouraged citizens to continue sharing the country’s achievements on social media using the hashtag #MannKiBaat.

PM Modi also underscored the growing trend of content creation among youth, urging participation in initiatives like the ‘National Creators Award’ contest launched on ‘MyGov.’ Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of preserving regional languages, recognizing the efforts of individuals like Mohammad Mansha Ji from Ganderbal and Banwang Losu Ji from Tirap for their contributions to language preservation in Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh, respectively.

In his address, PM Modi celebrated the spirit of innovation, empowerment, and cultural preservation, reaffirming India’s commitment to progress and inclusivity.

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