Prime Minister Modi Unveils ‘Sudarshan Setu’: India’s Longest Cable-Stayed Marvel


Report by Dr. Nitya Prakash

Gujarat’s Dwarka witnessed a historic moment today as Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated India’s longest cable-stayed bridge, the magnificent ‘Sudarshan Setu.’ This engineering marvel, spanning across the azure waters, connects the serene Okha to the picturesque Beyt Dwarka island, standing tall as a symbol of connectivity and progress. The grand structure, realized at a cost of ₹979 crore, holds immense significance as a testament to the nation’s infrastructural prowess.

Initiated with the laying of its foundation stone in October 2017, by PM Modi himself, the Sudarshan Setu spans a length of 2.3 kilometers. Envisioned as a vital link between old and new Dwarka, this four-lane masterpiece boasts a width of 27.20 meters, with generously adorned footpaths measuring 2.50 meters on each side, ensuring both vehicular and pedestrian ease of access.

What sets the Sudarshan Setu apart is not just its engineering excellence but also its cultural resonance. Adorned with verses from the sacred Bhagavad Gita and adorned with divine imagery of Lord Krishna, the bridge transcends its functional purpose to embody spiritual significance.

Formerly known as the ‘Signature Bridge,’ the Sudarshan Setu now stands as an emblem of unity and progress, bridging not just physical distances but also symbolic divides. Beyt Dwarka, situated approximately 30 kilometers from Dwarka town, home to the revered Dwarkadhish temple, finds itself seamlessly linked to Okha port, ushering in a new era of connectivity and accessibility.

Expressing his elation, PM Modi shared, “Delighted to inaugurate Sudarshan Setu today – a bridge that connects lands and people. It stands vibrantly as a testament of our commitment to development and progress,” underscoring the government’s unwavering dedication to national advancement.

Before the inauguration, Prime Minister Modi paid obeisance at the sacred Dwarkadhish temple, seeking blessings for the monumental endeavor. Later in the day, he is slated to inaugurate Gujarat’s first All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Rajkot, alongside virtually unveiling four additional AIIMS facilities across Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. These state-of-the-art healthcare institutions, erected at a collective cost of ₹6,300 crore, signify a significant stride towards bolstering the nation’s healthcare infrastructure.

In a fitting conclusion to the day’s events, PM Modi is poised to partake in a grand roadshow in the city, symbolizing a collective celebration of progress, prosperity, and the indomitable spirit of India’s march towards a brighter future.

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