Rahul Gandhi Spotted Watching ‘Article 15’ in a Delhi Theatre


Rahul Gandhi seems to be unwinding after announcing his resignation as the Congress party president. The 49-year-old parliamentarian was spotted watching movie Article 15 in a Delhi multiplex.

In a video that has gone viral and was probably shot on July 3, Gandhi is seen munching on popcorn and interacting with a person seated next to him a movie theatre.

Interestingly, Gandhi went for a movie few hours after announcing that he was stepping down as the Congress party chief, saying, “Accountability is critical for the future growth” of the organisation.

He had stated that he is no longer the president of the Congress, adding that the party should decide on a new chief without delay.

One Twitter user said, “Video of @RahulGandhi watching Article 15 at cinema hall goes viral, earns him praise. This is my leader, down to earth, honest and straight forward. His time will come and soon, Cause you can’t keep a good man down for long.”

Source: ANI

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